A day in the life

By Shelling

Tipping point

We call it "April weather". The sun is shining brightly but when you look out the window all you see is dark, grey clouds, until you look to the other side of the house where the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. Ten minutes later the rain is beating the same windows that earlier was screaming out how dirty they were, in the sunlight. And it all goes into repeat mode. Sometimes snow instead of rain, sometimes all at once from various directions. And hail.

 Because of the weather I lit a fire to cheer me up a little and after my yoga I found there was nothing on tv that could interest me, so I headed for the computer, there's always something I can work on in there. On my way, I stopped for a moment in front of the fire and a thought that I haven't allowed myself in a very long time, struck my mind. Why not drag the comfychair closer to the fire, get a glass of something nice and the book I'm reading by one of my favourite writers and just sit and read?! It was such a surprising thought and I can't imagine why it wouldn't be normal to do a thing like that. Almost like it wasn't really allowed to have this moment of stillness, were I didn't have to create something before I could allow myself to go to bed. I use to pity people who can't see that what they need is to sit still and look at the wallpaper for some time. 

Well, I've proven that I can live and learn, I finished the book and the drink and I feel content with myself from having achieved something important, without hardly any effort at all, apart from moving the chair closer to the fire.

I might do it again, sometime.  

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