A day in the life

By Shelling

Half tone

I've had a slow but rather productive day, at least as far as learning goes. I'm challenged with a recording project that demands the pitch to be lowered with half a tone. We recorded four tracks of acoustic instruments live in a room with microphones set in front of each instrument. That bit went fine and the sound was good. But, for various reasons we needed to lower the pitch by half a tone afterwards and to re-record it in another key was not possible. 

This is not at all unusual in the recording world. There are ways to digitally lower the pitch using various applications but because there is a lot of sound leakage between the microphones there are masses of background noise that proved to be very difficult for the applications to handle. There are lots of clips on youtube, professionally made and others made by other users, but the amount of time it takes to watch through these films and to test different solutions has taken a few days (I've got other things to do as well). But now it seems to sound ok and we can proceed making the recording ready for youtube. 

I think one needs to stop and think about the masses of work that lies behind many (or most) of the youtube clips we flick through during a day. So many people struggling to get their ideas out in the open. We are handed powerful tools to work with but there is so much to learn.

So, todays blip reflects the feeling of having achieved something new. The weather has apparently been like this all over Sweden today so the sunset is nothing to brag about but I'm happy to share my joy with the rest of you.

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