Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Day 2 At The Show

Another great day at The Photo Show! I was delighted to meet 5 blippers there, 4 of them new to me. suejay50 and Terrifo had posted on the forum that they were going and they had contacted Green56 for a lunchtime meet-up. Next I met Stiffknees. A real surprise: her husband read my Blipfoto T-shirt and said he has sure his wife would like to say hello so we waited for her.

Finally, near the end of the dayTryfan46  was walking past so I yelled after him and he, and his friend, joined us for a sit down. I'd failed to get him on the phone.

I've thoroughly enjoyed these 2 days we listened as much as we could and I spent as little as I could (LOL). To add to my purchase of yesterday I bought a spare tripod quick release plate so I could leave one on the mount of the 100-400mm lens. It was just then that I remembered I wanted some LEE ND grads.

I have learnt such a lot. The talks have been well worth the entrance fee, (even if I'd had to pay) particularly the 2 macro ones today. However I still don't think I'll let a mosquito suck my blood just to get a better shot. I wish I'd known if he was joking about that! 

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