A not-so-good day

Here is a close-up of the inside of a pretty white and pink flower. This hadn't been my plan for today's blip, but I don't have the energy to do more.

I've been having excruciating pain in the left upper quadrant of my back for about a week now.  I saw my massage therapist on Monday and she suggested that a chiropractor might be what I needed.  I was able to find a chiropractor who takes my insurance and who had an opening today.  He's in the same building as my family doctor, with whom I happened to have an appointment at 4:20.  My doctor made a couple of referrals - for the chiropractic treatment and for a pain clinic - and sent me down for chest X-rays.  As I was heading out, I stopped by the water cooler to fill my little bottle, caught my shoe on the very rough carpet, and went down on my left side, banging my knee, hip, arm and head on the way to the floor.  Lots of folks helped me get up and my doctor took me out to my car in a wheelchair while someone else brought out my walker.  

At the moment I'm icing a massive swelling on my knee and have a rock hard swelling the size of a softball on my hip, and I've got sore muscles all over, on top of the pain I went to the doctor about.  I'm dreading what it's going to feel like tomorrow.

On the bright side, the temperature was 25 degrees above normal today, breaking the record again, as we did yesterday.  It was very pleasant before my fall.  

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