By spannarama

Porlock beach

Bit of a slow start to the day - getting into this holiday lark!  Set out just before midday and drove to Porlock, through various patches of thick mist and fog.  We did a lovely woodland walk to Porlock Weir, ate our lunch on the beach there and then retraced our steps - just over 4 miles in all.  Popped into the Miles factory tea and coffee shop, and bought a couple of bags of coffee, then drove back to Ilfracombe - through lots more thick fog, and somehow behind the same agonisingly slow bus we'd ended up behind on the way!

Sampled our coffee when we got back - lovely - then Tim popped out to get a couple of bits from Lidl, so he could cook me another tasty veggie 'meat'ball dinner.  Nice easy evening after that, although with many many photos to edit!

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