By davesfotos

Another job done preparing a wildflower patch.

A little misty to start but it soon became bright with sunny spells and a temperature of 9C.
Molly was out with MrsD all morning and I was at the pond.
Today I finished the flower bed that has replaced the big old pine tree stump.
I started by pulling up weeds and nettles that had sprung up since my last clearance.
This was followed by...
1 barrow load of compost
1 barrow load of bonfire ashes.
3 barrow loads of top soil
1 big packet of wild flower seeds
1 more barrow load of soil
3 barrow loads of Brunos wood chippings.
Finally finished I took a photo for the record and today's Blip as in several weeks hopefully I'll have a nice patch of wild flowers to show you.
I need to rest this afternoon so it'll be sport on TV.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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