By strawhouse

Bletchley Park

Mr K and I have been meaning to go to Bletchley Park since I went with my mum last Summer. Today was the day!
Mr K loved it as I knew he would! It is such a fascinating place. 
And they have a fabulous menu in the Hut 4 cafe!!!!!
We loved having our drinks out of enamel mugs like in the 1940s!!
I had an authentic pork meatloaf with cabbage and mash. Delicious!!! Mr K had a platter with baked Camembert, damson and gin chutney and crostinis. Slightly less authentic but delicious!!!
We went into a couple of huts my mum and I didn't see last time. We saw Alan Turing's office in Hut 8 which looked as if he'd just stepped out for a minute. The work he did in there!!
And most interestingly there was an exhibition about the use of pigeons in World War 2. Who knew pigeons were so important?!! And sneaky - we used to parachute them in behind enemy lines using German rings on their feet so the Germans would think they were German pigeons and use them to send messages which, of course, the pigeons would being straight home to England. Genius!!
And we trained sparrowhawks to catch the pigeons but not kill them. That way we could intercept the German ones and make sure ours got through unscathed.
It was fascinating! Enigma gets all the glory but those pigeons did more than their bit!!
From there it was the usual Friday night dash to get the Little Misses, get to the cafe, get home, get to swimming, get into jim-jams and enjoy some sleepover action. 
That last was more the Little Misses than me and Mr K! We ate chilli and cracked on with Game of Thrones!!

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