By Dakers

Gregory’s Meridian and the Dentist

Today was my regular 6 month appointment with my dentist, just to check all is fine and nothing "nasty is lurking in the woodshed". Nothing is. X-rays as well today and a few seconds later they are displayed on a screen.

The featured artist in the surgery "gallery" is Malcolm Cheape who we collected at his degree show and who is a full time artist in Pittenweem and we have a good chat about Malcolm.

After the check up, a change of surgeries and I submit myself to the hygienist who is mildly disappointed to find that my tooth brush technique is pretty good and she has little to do.

We have a chat about the scientific mind and the artistic mind. I like to think I have both but she thinks she only possesses a scientific mind. We then discuss the best method to tackle the East Fife Coastal Path.

Finally I discuss the merits of Windows and the Mac with the Receptionist

It all turned into an enjoyable visit with much laughter and good humour. That is the way to visit the Dentist.

Almost opposite the Dentist’s Surgery in South Street, St Andrews is Gregory’s Meridian and today’s Blipfoto shows the brass line embedded in the pavement and the extra is the blue wall plaque which describes Gregory’s Meridian.

The actual position of the line (according to the GPS app on my iPhone is 56 degrees 20.3715 minutes North and 2 degrees 47.6312 minutes West.

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