By Number147

Scarlett the Tarantula

Longleat visited the club today and we got up close and personal with a variety of animals:

Python x 2
Pancake Tortoise x 2
Armadillo - could shoot across the floor at speed!
Lizard - of the huge and cuddly variety

I was excited about the armadillo but it was very smelly and I chose not to hold it.

In other news, Millie had an operation this morning. The "mass" is fast growing and the vet will not remove it again. We may have up to 2 months. That gives us time to say goodbyes. Henry is back (from Northern Ireland) on 19th April so I hope she lasts that long. As with previous ops, she has bounced back immediately and is snuggled up against me now. I must make the most of her.

There is an extra!

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