By Veronica


... with last week's walk. Walkers and a lone tree: this one is rather magnificent. The walk started out easily enough, but once we got to the top of the falaise bleue, things got a little tricky. J-L clearly hadn't checked out the route beforehand, even though last time they came up here they'd had to turn back. We spent quite some time teetering along the crumbling edge of the cliff and trying various wild boar tracks in the hope that they would lead us down to safety. As we stumbled through a wood, we found an ancient van and trailer rusting gently and covered in greenery -- quite surprising since it definitely isn't accessible to vehicles now.

We'd got to the point of taking record photos of each other in case we were lost forever and searchers stumbled over our lifeless bodies with only our phones as evidence by the time we burst out into an actual vineyard and were hence assured of finding a track passable by tractor. We weren't quite out of the woods vines: there was a lot of zigzagging due to the inevitable drainage ditches barring our way; we scrambled in and out of one rather than make a massive detour, as we were getting a bit weary. A revoir, as they say. 10 km, 110 m climbing, 2 hours 45 minutes. Beer at S and R's afterwards was well deserved.There was a great view from the top of the cliff; I've never been up there before. But it needs leaves on the vines to be worthy of a photo, preferably in autumn.

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