Capital adventures

By marchmont

Happy birthday!

#1 son's birthday today. Olivia was very excited and told everybody at holiday club.

I swam once they'd left but didn't linger. The electricians came to fix lights and a socket but not 2 water heaters it the dishwasher. They are Chinese. I don't speak Chinese, but we managed.

I also managed to get Amelia to sleep after she came home rather than at 4.30. This meant Olivia and I could bake the cake without interruption. Then to Jaya to n get more food for tonight including a bottle of wine. The last in the wine but must think I'm a terrible wine snob. I keep refusing her suggestions, but she does keep following me around.

Amelia got new armbands, which she decided looked better in her head. She also decided that she should blow out the candles. It was an ok meal. Cooking the steaks was a bit fraught especially as Olivia had a meltdown as we were about to eat and #1 son still has a cold but we celebrated his birthday so mission accomplished.

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