... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Black-headed Gulls: Feeding Frenzy

... and I wasn't going to blip a gull today.

Here is a relatively messy picture; I do like the drama. The other photographer was at Mount Pond feeding the birds, and I enjoyed a brief photo shoot (with his food drawing all of them over). The noise of squabbling gulls is great!

I was intending to photograph the swans/cygnets for my blip today, but I was at the pond with my father and he was worn out (or ready for a coffee in any case) before even the photographer's food (i.e. gull feeding frenzy) was spent.. Meh, Costa coffee ("What is a ristretto?") was little consolation.

I promise that the next few days will be different (i.e. no gulls!).

p.s. I'm still blipping by phone... I'm sorry for not commenting/replying; hopefully our internet'll be sorted soon.

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