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Moist Blackthorn Blossom

Another early outing with Finlay today - it was sunny, misty and quite chilly, much the same as yesterday!

Instead of heading for the woods we went to the big field behind our house - only to find that the footpath has been ploughed up (again) and a crop planted over it. The footpath runs along one side of the field so there is no need for the farmer to dig over it. All that will happen is that the seed he’s planted will be trampled down by walkers - a waste of time and money for him.

Anyway, I did find this lovely blossom with either dew or melted frost giving a nice covering of water droplets.

Spent the rest of morning and most of the afternoon at the studio cutting and packing fabric. I cut 1300 little 5” squares and sorted them into 32 bundles and bagged and labelled them. I have the same job again tomorrow - with different fabrics - whilst Mrs madwill is away at the TV studio!

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