All part of the story

By Treshnish

The islands from the air

A truly beautiful day, so good for the soul.  A nip in the air but the sun was almost constant.  

First Dog violet, lots of Celandine, and Wood anemone. 

We watched a pair of Hooded crows earlier.  One landed on the power lines beside the fank.  The other landed further along the power lines and instead of perching normally, instead of just sitting like his mate - he swivelled and hung upside down from his feet, as if a cartoon character of a parrot who has fallen off his perch. Limp, hanging, under the wire, wings tight in against his body.  A Buzzard came along and they both flew off.   

Sadly I didn't grab my camera in time to record it but instead we watched incredulously, not really believing what we had seen. 

Extra: shadows isolating birches, couldn't choose between the two. 

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