A time for everything

By turnx3

Organ recital

Thankfully, yesterday’s almost non-stop rain had come to an end, and we awoke to a sunny, but much colder morning. As we left for church, the temperature was 29 F, but the strong, cold wind, made it seem even colder. On the way to church, however, we could see Spring is becoming more evident - daffodils, forsythia, trees in bud and a few blossom trees - such a beautiful and welcome sight! We had a good morning at church, service, followed by bible study, then home for lunch. Roger called his sister Janet, as he knew his Mum and Dad had been there for Sunday lunch, and he was just in time to wish his Mum a Happy Mother’s Day, before his Dad took her back to the care home. Later in the afternoon, we went to an organ recital at Hyde Park United Methodist church. As you can see from my collage, it’s a lovely classical, quite English-looking, building. The organist was amazing - he is Hungarian-born, but now resides in the eastern U.S. He also does a lot of composing, and after a program of otherwise exclusively Bach works, his final piece was one of his own compositions. As usual, there was a very nice reception to follow.

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