Capital adventures

By marchmont


Despite being here many times I've never v been in a KL Mosque so this morning I visited the Federal Mosque which is quite close to Mont Kiara, an 8 ringgit Grab away. I had to wear a long robe and my headscarf as I went round on three free tour. The building is not be old, only finished in 2000, and it is reminiscent of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. It can hold 16000 people and is more like a community centre.

The free tour was very informative and the guide charming, although I could only see her eyes, which is unusual for KL. The volunteer guides have to complete a 2 year course and regular refreshers, including meeting with people from other religions. At the end there was free water and a key ring. Unfortunately due to be the heat the fountains weren't on.

Then to Publika for some retail therapy and lunch. Came home to do some tidying and read my book before the girls came home from school. In was left in charge again and it was all very busy calm as tea was eaten without a fight.

Phoned my mum. Her flowers haven't arrived. A check on the website revealed I hadn't complete the transaction. Doh! They will be there tomorrow!

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