A stunning beautiful Orchid that I saw today in the Royal Botanic gardens.
I was given an appointment for a dexascan to measure my bone that was one good thing that came out of breaking a bone several weeks ago. Its good to know that I don't have osteoporosis and quite possibly it doesn't run in our genetics so I did inform the rest of the possible people, mostly the ladies in our family.........not guaranteed but a reasonable clue for them to digest. I didn't think I had it as when Mother fell down the stairs the wall at the bottom of the stairs came away worst.
 Her head was fine!

We had a great day as a result of us having to go and get the scan as we were near to the Botanic Gardens so we went there...........the weather was quite fine too although cold. We had coffee (rubbish) and then lunch in the cafe......Mr AF commented that  "lunch was lovely apart from the food" which I agreed with entirely. Nothing like your own home made food which proved to be true tonight as I have just had dinner.

Some excellent specimens to look at in the Botanics which I will post in extra for gardening chums interested. Give me a short time for this. 

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