Flower - Border in Cambridge

We went into Cambridge this morning, as we had not had a proper day out together this week. We had the usual stops for coffee and for lunch. I purchased a new pair or shoes, one of the reasons for going. I knew exactly what I wanted, another pair of Hotter shoes, to replace the ones, which I have had a long time. They had an identical pair except they are all leather, rather than leather and suede. I needed a four and a half, rather than a five, my feet must be shrinking, due to the exercise I am doing!! As I was leaving the shop I saw a beautiful pair of sandals, I will probably go back for them another day.
Today’s picture is one of the flower beds in Christ’s Pieces, this is what I would like my larger border to look like, but I do not think they have deer in Cambridge, to eat the flowers. The flower beds in Cambridge are kept looking beautiful all year round and today my husband has blipped a beautiful display of red and yellow tulips. The extra is my husband at our first coffee stop,

The weather at noon was ten degrees.

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