Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

Who are you looking at?

A cold, grey and miserable day. The Spring flowers look at odds with the weather.

Spent the morning on chicken duties and gardening. Ian did most of it, I just pulled up some weeds. Everything is sprouting up rapidly, especially the nettles and other weeds. We keep quite a lot of nettles along the hedgerows to attract the butterflies . Hopefully they will appreciate the effort.

Smudge was having a bit of fun with SoftCell. She climbed up a tree and tormented Soft Cell who looked as though he would like to join her.
By the time I had got my phone to take a picture she had descended and was giving Soft Cell a challenging look.

My extra is of Soft Cell in the grass looking very handsome.

I am submitting this to Admirer's Silly Saturday challenge, although not sure if it qualifies as Soft Cell does not think he is silly. Thanks again to Admirer for hosting this every Saturday.

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