MonoMonday - The Three Amigos!

What an exciting day for me in blipland! - The Three Amigos arrived from blipper woofcity for a holiday here in Newcastle upon Tyne, as part of their world tour.

(Note: I've realised this is the second Newcastle they've been to - they were in Newcastle Down Under in February last year with Jensphotos!)

I told them that today's MonoMonday challenge was "Making a Noise". I wondered if they would like to bark very loudly for my blip, but they said that they were much too well-behaved for that. However just at that moment the builders working on the house extension next door started making an enormous racket with their circular saw. At first they were rather frightened but then they wanted to take a look. I thought that the attic window would be the best place for a good view, which they loved as they'd not yet been up there.

So here they are watching the builders making an incredible noise.

Many thanks to Tryfan46 for hosting MonoMonday this month - and to blipper Kelso for setting the Amigos off on their trip in January last year!

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