Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Man at work, with hoover

This is Keith at work in the little alcove off the upstairs sitting room. We are installing the Kallax set of shelves and intend to relieve the sitting room of detritus. Useful things like DVDs and books, but nothing you want to keep looking at and dusting!

We are now both doing yoga up there and the room has felt a bit cramped. When I was a lonesome yoga-ite it was lovely, spacious and calm. Now we crash into each other at times, at least when we are working with our eyes closed... I love the fact that Keith is also doing yoga and am keen to encourage him! 

Anyhow, this one move means that many other things have to move, be removed, rearranged etc. The spare bed will have a new location, the mild green wool carpet that was roughly laid has now been turned and fitted. It's amazing to think that it came from Keith's Nana's house, so it's been around for many years doing good service. Over 30 years in our house! I love fiddling and working things out, so I had a happy time with my carpet knife. Stored cleverly in the Stanley knife I bought when I first went to Rochdale art college at 18. It's done good service too. How I love my tools.

The accounts are still waiting for me to look at them with loving eyes. I slept really badly last night and was up for a couple of hours reading and drinking Horlicks, after 2 hours of lying in bed listening to the sounds of aa asleep person, and feeling envy. No idea why, I wasn't upset or worried or anything, just not asleep. All my tricks failed to help. Got to sleep eventually before 5, and was up at 9. I judged this not to be the day for book-keeping and maths!

The view in the extra is the river, half covered in ice, half open water. We had the car serviced and that involves a drive north and inland, this is on the way back at about 5 o'clock. Lovely and sunny, chilly in the wind, but feeling like spring is certainly underway. It was almost the main, but the working man was more representative of the day.

Now I have to get cracking on the construction of the shelving. Yesterday I forgot to mention the total meltdown I had when trying to decipher the visual instructions for assembly of a hard plastic cube that fits in the shelving. They were so cryptic! I count myself good at this sort of thing but managed to get it round my neck to the extent that I had to slightly break a corner to retrace my steps. It is an absolutely excellent design that can't be faulted for stability, but if you fit the pieces in the wrong order you are sunk. And I was! But today, I rise!!!

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