Our winter seems to linger with snow in the forecast for tomorrow now.  It has thrown me a little off my spring schedule.  I was shocked when my friend asked me if I had been to the fish ladder yet.  It dawned on me...after the ice breaks up, the trout start running upstream...and over the fish ladder.  I knew if I was going to go, it had to be this evening, so after a dental appointment, I hightailed it to the town where the best fish ladder (in my opinion) is. I stayed for only 20 minutes and got more shots than I could possibly post so I decided to go for a little walk.  What a surprise to see the devastation that the ice made this winter.  An area of the woods along the creek looks like a glacier moved through there (which in an odd way, it did?) and the trees have all been felled by the movement of the ice. Nature is crazy....

I have put an extra of a father and son who were standing on the rock I had been sitting on before I went for the walk. The only other people around which I found so odd. I guess the fact that it is feeling more like winter, had a bit of an influence  ; )

If you ever have a chance to witness the fish jumping, go do it.  Watching them being driven by instinct is exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.  Only the fittest make it all the way up to the spawning grounds.  

Past my bedtime now.  Take care everyone...another Hump Day over  : )

D x

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