Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo

My beloved Oslo - the monster building

When the Lambda building won the competition to be the new Munch museum, it was very controversial. The jury liked, the people thought it was to high and didn't like the bend on the top, it would dominate all the area, the Opera house and the Barcode will seem small like match boxes.  

Now the reactions are even stronger. They told people that we should not worry, it will be good in the end, it will be like a light house (extra). But behind closed doors they decided that the building would not be built with glass, but with metal plates (extra). 

So congratulations, they have just put up the most ugly building ever seen in the city. A monster building.  But as they say, dont worry, the view from the the top of the building will be marvellous. 

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