By ciorstain

Friday - TG

A morning wth calls, then more calls.
i went out just before 3 pm to see f I could get my nails done.
Han had still a customer and I went next door to Comet Pieces and had a coffee and something to eat. I faffed with the Instantflex and took a few photos of Simeon, the Czech/Scottish guy who works there.
Then Han was free and I got a new nail colour.
I went for total crazy spring and easter egg colours! Nails are grass green and the ring finger is orangy-yellow with glitter ......!
I might get sick of that soon, but I felt like that today.
I procrastinated going home and stopped for another coffee at William. Then stopped at the flower shop and bought 2 nigellas. 
When I got home I did a couple of things, then my reminder popped up that I had a 6 pm Portugues class. I has almost forgotten.
Had my class and Jack started pestering.

I really wanted to skip him today, as I did not want to be grumpy to him, as this is how I feel today.
I could not avoid the call and was biting my tongue when the stuff started again.
Neil came home while I was on the call.
We have not really talked yet, as I still feel grumpy .... and he does not deserve a grumpy girlfriend on a Friday night.

I am blipping a water and spectacle still life .... instead of another photo of my Instantflex ....
I just got four free films delivered. Instagram work pays off with Mint :)

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