Reikes small life...

By Reike

Kira and the river

My final day of work for this week would have ended as usual - going very slowly back home in a massive traffic jam caused by another accident on the motorway.

I was prepared today, it was clear for me that I wouldn't be just sitting in the traffic with a ruined mood. With a dog up for a walk and a grumbling stomach, we stopped by the roadside and went for a walk along a river which murmured my mind back to peace. Went past a farm, and I asked, do you serve food? Sure, they said, and I picked a fatty, salty, unhealthy meal that totally made up for the shitty day I had yesterday. Djeili got played at by a young dog named Kira, and she was soooo annoyed by Kira but kind. When we left, Kira followed us, further unnerving Djeili, until I softly told Kira, "Kira, fuck off home please, would you?". Slightly hurt, Kira turned around. Djeili beamed at me and jumped a few happy bucks like a horse, "My mummy told the annoying thing to go, and it did!" ;) 

We further trotted along the river, and I wished we could have just walked on and on and on, only stopping sometimes for a few hours of sleep to then walk again along the blueness of the river and it's soothing sound. Forever. 

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