If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...

... It's probably a Garlic.
Inasmuch as:-
If it looks like a Ramson, smells like a Ramson and tastes like a Ramson - then it probably IS a Ramson.
As many will attest I have a patchy, none-selective, memory. I know, with 100% certainty that Jerra, some time ago, gave me/us a pot containing Wild Garlic. my memory won't admit whether it was pre - or post-Alice.
Either way a recent, unusual for here, drought saw it off.
Today I was deweeding one of my embryo raised beds which may WELL start life as an un-raised bed when I spotted this lurking neath the cherry tree, and about as far from where the pot was as is physically possible and still be in the same garden.
Since I'd just unearthed some Lily-of-valley (Convallaria majalis to the posh folk.) I knew it was still subterranean, in case it was poisonous; which led me to a taste after it both looked and smelt like garlic.
Only 1 plants; but saved & nurtured - what next.
BTW I also spotted that Ajuga reptans lurking hard by; and since "Bugle" is apparently Bee friendly it may also be ressurected, after I've been trying to get rid of even this decorative version which was being a bit "reptans".
I'll just have to thether it.
* ~ * ~ *
Just checked:-
"Medicinal use of Lily Of The Valley:
Lily of the valley has a long and proven reputation in herbal medicine in the treatment of heart complaints. It contains the glycosides convallarin and convallamarin which are powerful cardiac tonics and diuretics and are also used in allopathic medicine. However, because of the plants potential toxic properties it should never be used without expert advice."

* ~ * ~ *
Here endeth the Lesson.

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