The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

Birds coming home to roost, Boats coming into port

These wee Rothesay Robins (that's Robins by P7 Rothesay Primary) made it across the water today and were photographed here having a wee rest at Gourock, before continuing on up to Glasgow where they're going on display at the Mitchell.

The robins are part of a flock of birds gathering at the exhibition. Tomorrow, they'll be joined by more feathered friends made by S2, Rosshall Academy and S1, Notre Dame High School. (bird watchers look out for tomorrow's blip)

Along with the wee robins, a flotilla of wee boats also made it across from Rothesay Primary today, docking temporarily at Gourock Primary, where the joined up with Gourock's boats, before they all made their way up river to Glasgow, to join the fleet which will be launched in a quiet homage to George Wyllie on Hogmanay.

Boats also made it into port from Springburn Academy today, and like the birds, they'll be joined by a host of others tomorrow as we bring the last of the boats into port as the term ends.

S1 at Islay High School was preparing boats of all sizes today. They'll be last to dock, on Friday, just making it into port before Christmas.

The wee robins deserved their wee rest at Gourock, hometown of George Wyllie. It's a fair hike to Glasgow, even as the crow flies. These three were keep especially for the exhibition from over 60 robins that P7 Rothesay Primary had made.

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