By LadyFindhorn

New Chair

This is my new chair. Having given His Lordship’s study chair to a family friend, I wanted a replacement that looked good and felt comfortable. The only difficulty was that I was buying this one blind on the John Lewis website because it wasn’t available to test sit in their shops and they wouldn’t send one up to either Glasgow or Edinburgh especially so that I could see it before I parted company with the money. They did say that if I kept the packaging they would send a courier to collect it should I not be completely smitten with the design.
But I liked it and it was comfortable, so the packaging was sent back with the delivery man.

Which is to say that it now graces the door-open space of the old man cave, giving it a more modern and welcoming ambiance even though I know in my heart of hearts I would prefer the door to be firmly closed and HL to be sitting at his desk behind it

And so with Daughter#2 and Theo coming round in the afternoon to try the chair for size ( although Theo preferred the one in the lounge that birls round and round) and a school friend helping me to eat up the remains of the banana cake in the morning, another Monday has slipped quietly into the history books.

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