By ArcLight

"To go on shouting about it"

I went to a rather wonderful event in Glasgow today - a celebration of 100 years of women in the legal profession - since the quaintly named Sex Disqualification Act (Removal) Act 1919 finally put paid to all those rotten arguments that women could not join various professions - notably but not only the legal professions - because they were not recognised as "persons" in law. Between a campaign called The First 100 Years (which also does great work collecting more recent oral testimony), Glasgow University and other partners such as National Records of Scotland, lots of work has been done uncovering the hidden stories of some of the pioneers, such as Madge Easton Anderson, the first woman solicitor in the UK. The programme was rounded off by a rallying cry from Baroness Brenda Hale, who was the subject of a fair amount of fangirling, including by me, who managed to locate my pledge card in vicinity to hers (blip).

Back home to see the terrible news about Notre Dame de Paris burning. Hard to see the pictures and the snippets of video on twitter.

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