Lovely full on play day. AR was up at 7am and we were first in the restaurant for breakfast where she made great use of the enormous buffet!
Once we’d finished we headed to the swimming pool where we messed about for a couple of hours. She loved jumping in, pouring water over me and pretty much everything else with the many watering cans, kicking around and lying on her back to poke her toes out of the water. We finally got out and (after that struggle with drying and dressing a small person that I always used to hate when there were 3 to manage!), we had some lunch and I took her to the crèche for a couple of hours whilst I had some quiet time reading in the spa.
Met up with A&N afterwards and we chatted whilst AR played with a paper aeroplane, before up to the ballroom for a quiz and to get ready for the ceilidh.
Poor little AR fell asleep in the chair and when I tried to take her up to bed she had a meltdown...way too tired! Had to sit with her for quite a while before she finally dropped off to sleep, and A managed to rig up our phones as a baby monitor so once she was asleep we could all go down to dinner. Lots more wedding venue chat and trying to work out the type of thing they want (if only we’d won the lottery!)
Backblipping again...I’m so behind!

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