BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

The Last ..........

 .......... Lily Standing ............ but they've done remarkably well to last 14 days I reckon.

Out of bed with the lark  -  check
Cup of tea  -  check
Shower and hair washed  -  check
Hair dried  -  check
Second cup of tea  -  check
Whisper's breakfast  -  check
Whisper in the garden  -  check 
Photos taken  -  check
Blip uploaded  -  check

All before 8.15am.   The reason?  Dentist at 10.00 (40 mile round trip) - not so much 'check' as yuk - lol !!!

Thank you for the ladybird love yesterday and for all the comments, stars and hearts lately - I've been very remiss and impolite by not acknowledging them before now!  Bad BikerBear.

~ Anni ~

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