By Topsyturvy

Friendly sewing

My great friend from aeons ago came over (with her Springer) for a dog walk/sewing/ catch up day. To be honest, the walk wasn't as long as it could've been, sewing was mainly deciphering a fantastic quilt kit she'd received quite a while ago but was too overwhelmed by the instructions to start (I really saw what she meant!) and the catch up plus lunch might've been fairly significant too ;-) Anyway, we've sorted out the pattern and she's even cut out the first block, and I managed to partially applique a circle ... You've got to start somewhere!!

The blip of the cotton reels is deliberate as I would think at least 2/3 of them I've inherited from Mum and my Grandma and they are such a useful resource. My friend was appalled to discover a great aunt's significant thread collection had just been chucked by other relatives after her death. What a terrible waste :-(

Otherwise, a little light weeding done by LH and some important admin. Prepping for a busy weekend at LD's too.

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