By davesfotos

The pond up and running

It's been a beautiful morning and I got lots done in the garden.
Yesterday afternoon I installed the fountain and new skimmer in the pond.
When I went there this morning at 9am it was a lovely and clear top no leaves or debris but the water is still a bit muddy looking.
This will soon sort it's self out once it and finds its summer balance.
Fist job was to uncover some garden furniture and also remove the umbrella winter cover.
Plants in the greenhouse were watered as was the Honeysuckle
and the willow and Magnolia.
I made a small fence from old wood to place in the pond by the lower basin to stop Molly getting very muddy.
Last job was 45 mins of strimming round trees and borders until the battery died.
Today's photo the only one I took is the pond and shows the skimmer for my records.
Talking of records isn't blip great for looking back on past days and years.
I notice that this year we're about 2 weeks ahead in the garden than last year.
Thanks for dropping in its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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