The 3 Amigos do "Silly Saturday"...

After their rather hectic week, the boys said that they'd like a quiet day in the garden - especially as the weather is amazingly good for an April Bank Holiday weekend in the UK!

So I put one of our chairs in the sun and they all settled down to sunbathe (gosh - should I have rubbed sun lotion all over them...? - probably best not!). However, although Trigger and Rowan fell asleep very quickly, Kelso soon got bored with lying there doing nothing, and he asked if I had a good book he could read. He loves this one - he can't stop himself giggling at the funny photos, in fact he fell over once he was laughing so much. (He recommends the book to any humour-loving canine!).

Hopefully this is silly enough to qualify for today's Silly Saturday challenge, hosted by admirer.

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