By hjarald

Maya Doomsday / Coming & Going

It's said that the Maya calendar stops and there'll be a Doomsday.

The aliens will come and we will go, so I thought I might as well shoot a 'close encounters kind' of theme shot today as it could just be my last entry. (hope not, but I didn't make it to the refuge mountain in France)

Want to see the color version, look here.

DON'T PRESS THE 'L' KEY!!!! (That's if you don't want to enter the 'spaceship' ;-)

In case we don't make it... Thanks for visiting my journal so regularly!

Last Minute Update:


Program (under restrictions)

05:00 Global wake up call by air raid alert sirens
06:00 Arrival of the Martians
07:00 Arrival other aliens
08:00 Welcome by leaders G8 countries
09:00 Procession by Saints of all religions, Martyrs etc.
10:00 Global singing The End of the World hymn 'highway to Hell'
10:30 Speech by the Pope in the main languages
11:45 Lunchbreak
13:00 United Nations debate & vote on the end of the world issue
15:00 One Minute Silence
15:05 Opening of the Public Ceremony
17:00 Opening Buffet
18:00 Departure of the Maya's
19:00 Fireworks and football game Brazil versus the team of the world
21:00 Ascension Archangels and other Angels
22:00 Closing ceremony / Bar opens (FREE BEER sponsored by HEINEKEN)
22:30 Distribution 3D-Glasses
22:45 A look back on mayor historical events.
24:00 THE APOCALYPSE (incl. Performance of 'The Final Countdown')
Last minute replacement by U2 performing 'The End of the World'

24:15 The AFTERPARTY till dawn

(feel free to spread this program to as many as you wish to inform)

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