By chantler63

Wonderful Wrecks

Thanks to a bit if research on an UrbEx site plus some locals that recognised a bridge in a photo, I was able to spend some time photographing a couple of wrecks on the beach. We headed for Instow where, along from the main car park, lay the two wrecks. Rust, colour and texture abounded. For a bonus, someone had left a ladder propped up against the hull so it was possible to go up on the deck - carefully of course! Extra is a view from the top.

Then on to Appledore - a pretty seaside town. Delightful cottages around the harbour and I spied more wrecks on the opposite bank. Acres of sand available with the tide out - none at all with the tide in

A meal out with our friends in the evening. It's been great seeing them but we will move on tomorrow.

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