By dreaming

Silly, but useful

I have no luck with hard-boiled eggs.  No matter how I try, I can't get them out of the shell.  But they're good things to have in the refrigerator.  Enter these silly silicone egg cookers, which provide perfect eggs that can be lifted right out of the  container- the only drawback being that they come out looking like 2/3 of an egg.  Not for company, perhaps,  but just fine for me.

I met with Thanh at the library again today, and we did a lot more talking than reading this time.  He had brought in his usual list of unfamiliar words and phrases, but this time he'd picked them up from the movie "The DaVinci Code," so they were a strange lot.  Then, because of the Christian symbology and church history that are featured in the film. we talked about Christianity, with which he has not much familiarity, being a Buddhist.  The significance of Easter, different types of religious practice around the world, housing construction materials used in Europe and the US vs. Asia, immigration, history of World War II - we were all over the map today.  We read an article about the damage to Notre Dame. and that led us in new directions.  This was by far the most fun I've had tutoring, and I think he felt that way too.

Lots of sunshine today, and I was able to get myself together to make those meatloaves.  I cooked the pork last night.  Tomorrow we are having a small Passover dinner at Lex's house, so I will be making matzo balls for soup.  I'm sure I'll run out of steam soon, but it's nice to have such energy for a change. 

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