An ordinary life....

By Damnonii



Having to Backblip the weekend as there just hasn't been a spare minute to  Blip while these little ladies have been here.

Anna slept really well in the new bed in "her" room.  So much so her mum asked for the name and manufacturer of the mattress!  

Anna joined David for a breakfast of watermelon followed by pancakes. The  rest of us followed shortly after and enjoyed coffee, bagels/croissants/toast before David ran Sharon, Lewa and the girls to Stirling, to meet up with a friend who was travelling through from Edinburgh to see them.

David then went to the Golf Range and I spent a lovely few hours reading my book and preparing for this evening.  

Everyone arrived back full of the joys with Anna particularly keen to share all about there day.  Her enthusiasm for life s catching :-))  

I made a quick dinner of pizza and salad and we were just finishing when our mutual friend Vicky, her husband Andrew and their daughter Bethany arrived for a catch up.  

For a long time Sharon kept telling me I reminded her of another friend of hers called Vicky and we only realised when Sharon visited in October last year,  that I also knew the Vicky in question (though hadn't seen her for a long time) as we'd met through my work as a Family Support Worker.  We got back in touch on FB and agreed that the next theme Sharon and Lewa were here, we would all get together, so tonight was the night! 

And what a night it was!  So much catching up, so much laughter, so much fun!  

Vicky brought an Easter Bonnet she Andrew made for her work's Easter Bonnet competition.  It is absolutely amazing!  We all tried it on and I don't know whether to be proud or concerned that mine is the only head it fitted!

Vicky also brought delicious homemade Easter crispy cakes and Easter  fairy carrot cakes.  Very tasty!

Vicky, Andrew and Bethany left just before 10pm then there was just time for cuddles from Anna and Faith before Lewa took them up to bed and Sharon and I polished off the last of the Prosecco.  Well would have been rude not to :-)))

What a lovely day.

PS Love the photo of Faith and Lola in extras.  Lola loved the attention from our visitors and here she is having a girl to girl chat with Faith :-)

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