An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Little Easter Bunny...


When this little lady last visited she had just discovered her giggle and didn't stop the entire time she was here.  This visit she has been much more discerning with who warrants her giggles and mega watt smile but after three days of working really hard, I was finally rewarded with her smiles :-)  Sadly I didn't capture it at this moment.

Faith is such a dainty little poppet.  Loves being on her feet and is almost teetering off on her own despite still being two months away from her first birthday.

Anna helped me prepare fruit to eat with breakfast (eating as she went!  See extra) before slipping her arms around my neck and saying "I'd like to stay here forever."  That girl knows just how to hit my sentimental button!

Sharon and Lewa and baby Faith came downstairs and David returned from walking Lola and we all settled down to enjoy a final breakfast together.  Anna was excited to learn that on our way to, and on our way back from Harris & Lewis in September, we will break our journey and stay with them in Skye.  She says she has lots to show us and she's delighted that we will meet her dog (she and Lola became good friends - see extras.)   Anna and Alan also became good friends (when he was here that is.  He's been out and about all weekend) with Anna taking herself off to spend time with Alan in his sitting room and returning to tell us that he'd given her "big smiles."

All too soon it was midday and time for them to leave.  Lots of cuddles and kisses and waving then we closed the front door and the house seemed very quiet!

No time to pine though as there was just enough time to clear up the brunch dishes and strip the beds and remake the bed in the "Anna's room" for Agnes and Adrian arriving at 1.00pm.

David and Adrian headed off to play golf but poor Agnes's hay fever symptoms were awful so rather than go out, we sat and relaxed in the sunshine in the garden room, drinking tea and eating hot cross buns.

The guys returned having enjoyed their round of golf with the added excitement of David sending his golf ball flying off the 18th tee, over the trees onto the main road!!! Thankfully there were no screams or screeching of brakes!  Phew!

Pasta and salad for dinner then a lovely evening catching up with them.  

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