I think it’s fair to say that Mr. HCB and I are opposites:  

He is quiet and I am …… I will leave you to fill in the blank for this!

He loves being in the garden, while I am happy pottering around indoors.

He takes ages to read a book, whereas I am a “skimmer” and read very quickly.

He isn’t keen on cooking, but I love to cook and bake.

He isn’t keen on using a camera, whereas I want to photograph everything I see.

He enjoys watching sport but I can’t stand it.

He particularly likes cricket, but I find it quite boring (please don’t tell him I said that!)

He likes to save money, but I like to spend it.

He likes to be cool in bed, but I liked to be toasty and warm.

He likes to get up early, but I like to snuggle under the covers until later.

He squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom, but I squeeze it from the middle.

He can say “No” after eating one chocolate from a box, whereas I ………..

HOWEVER, we both like to have fun - as you can see from this photograph. 

Being opposites has worked for us for well over 50 years so I guess there is truth in the fact that “opposites attract”.

Thank you for all your kind comments for my Easter Blips - I am away from early tomorrow, travelling to North Yorkshire on the train, to stay with a very dear friend, so there may not be too many comments this week, although I will try and Blip each day.

Hope you have all enjoyed your Easter break - only two weeks until another Bank Holiday.  

“The union of opposites, 
     insofar as they are really complementary, 
          always results in the most perfect harmony; 
               and the seemingly incongruous 
is often the most natural.”
Stefan Zweig

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