Today we took a drive over to Salford for Wigan's second Easter fixture. 

The less said about their first Easter fixture the better, save to say that they lost in spectacular fashion on Good Friday! Today was a better story though. The atmosphere among the fans was great all things considered, and even without much voice (There has been some small improvement!) I did my best to join in with singing, chanting and cheering The Lads to victory, and in the end they won by 30 points to 26!

My main shot shows the teams coming onto the pitch before the game.
My extra shows four of our top stars sitting in the stand due to injury. There's about six others missing too, which is one of the main reasons for our recent poor results.

We made good progress coming home, and are going to have tea and watch the other matches that were televised today. Later we will enjoy a couple of drinks too!

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