Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Northern Shoveler

I like the interesting shovel shaped bill on these ducks.  Unfortunately, this one must have moved his "nose" as I snapped the picture.  I liked the image except for that.  The extra shows his bill much more clearly but I didn't like the composition.  So, today it's two shots to make one good one.  Many thanks to Cailleach for WildWednesdays!

I'm going to a local dinner theater tonight to see " Motones vs. Jerseys".  It is billed as a cabaret show but I don't really know what to expect.  One thing for sure, though, there will a lot of great music.  More tomorrow...

I am grateful to my brother and SiL for asking me to join them tonight.  I think Pipersdad would enjoy the show but he was out as soon as I said "dinner theater".  ;-)

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