Gifts for no reason at all are my absolute favourite kinds of gifts. They tell you that a person is thinking about you and they want to do something to make you happy. Not because they have to, because Facebook has reminded them it's your birthday, or TV is telling you Valentine's Day is lurking around the corner; they just want to treat you. Rich got me this book as a gift for no reason other then he is awesome and appreciates me as a person; it arrived yesterday and I cracked it open today. I also finished it today.

It's wonderful. I added it to my wishlist after watching the TV series of the same name by the same writer a couple weeks ago, because I need more unapologetic, fat, hilarious women in my life, and Lindy West is all of the above in spades. I've tried to write about my own relationship with my own body before (the most recent of these attempts can be found here), and I am working hard to value myself for the person I am, not just the body that carries that person about the place, but somehow it still always floors me to read about women who love themselves at any size. This book tackles a lot, but holy shit did I need to read it.

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