By Missycat

A walk in Epping Forest

As the weather has turned cloudy and damp I decided that it was time to venture out into the forest with Zeus09smum and Zeus and blow the hayfever.  Actually I was symptom free so I'm glad I got out there, where finally the forest is showing signs of Spring.  
As there was rain in the air, I decided not to take my camera so today's offering is just a phone shot.  Zeus has obliged me by turning round to look at me: had I been carrying the camera, he most probably wouldn't have!

In other news: today is the 39th London Marathon, an event in which Mr MC has taken part in the past as have a number of friend.  I've just heard that Dollydoug's daughter and son in law have completed the race, each  in excellent time.  Congratulations to them both.  Mr MC has been feeling inspired and has just told me that he may well give it another go:  I shall confine myself to being a spectator...

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