Sand between my toes

Up at 4, on the plane at 7, in Portugal by 10.30 and on the beach by the afternoon! Bags arrived ok, hire car place worked well, we found our way to the accommodation and have made contact with our friends. And we have a plan for tomorrow's extended blipmeet. Not bad for a day's work, holiday.

Two beach walks including paddling and splashy waves, one trip to the supermarket to buy food for dinner, artcard done (drawings this month, pencil and possibly ink, possibly a bit of colour)  and now it really is time for bed.

I saw no first of May marches, took part in nothing to remember workers' rights or to forward the cause - but I thought about it all. Grateful for the people that went before me, agitating for the labour laws that mean I was able to stop working, and have a pension I can live on. So many idealistic people, so much sacrifice and so much persistence! The minute we let up the pressure these things go backwards, so - onwards and upwards comrades! (complete with glittery toes nails!)

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