Des res

This is the pinnacle, on which the storks have built their nest and chosen to raise their family. You will have to look at the extra to get the full glory of the context! This was taken at the zoomiest I can manage with my Lumix, and it was a spectacular place to be taking photographs. Seeing a huge stork fly overhead at close range was a rare and moving event.

We left the Algarve and headed west and north to meet Daveen and Mike at Cabo Sardão, just south of Vila Nova de Milfontes. The cape is breathtakingly dramatic, and the town is surrounded by the river and magnificent beaches. We met up on one of them and had a lovely fish meal in a restaurant overlooking the boiling turquoise sea.

Very lovely to be here in Mourão again, with our friends again, eating bread and cheese again - and the non-stop conversations are a treasure too. And all because of blip! We're all tired now, especially the two drivers. We stopped off briefly in Cuba, a small town with a big statue of Christopher Columbus who was the son of a duke, born to an unmarried mother in this sleepy backwater, and had to leave to make something of himself. Like so many children in that sort of position... there's a picture of his shadow with my three companions.

So, the news from home is of fresh snow that covered the world in white this morning, and as I retire for the night the temperature is still high 20s. Our planet is a marvel!

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