Keith B

By keibr

Evening Walk (at the end of a nonderful day)

I'm sitting here outside in the garden of Daveen and Mike. It's dark and there is a warm breeze blowing past me. Grasshoppers are singing and distant dogs seem to be barking to (at?) each other. Now a few sheep bells have joined the soundscape.  What a beautiful place, and a beautiful time of day.
My day was spent doing a few errands in the town, then working with Mike on setting up the shade cover for the caravan we are staying in. Lunch, more shade cover work, a delicious outdoor shower, an afternoon snooze, the blipped walk, and a lot of discussion, and a lot of fun.
I'm very grateful for this wonderful day!
amandoAlentejo and HarlingDarling have also blipped on the day.

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