The second half of life..

By twigs

Milky Way

Last night's was another ferry trip to tuck away in the memory bank.  We left Wellington [last night] as a storm was approaching from the south west which basically meant we were sailing almost straight into it.  On the good side however, being the 8.45pm sailing (which is a largely reserved for trucks and freight) there were very few people so lots of space to settle down and sleep through it.  I did manage to sleep for a fair bit but was woken at least twice to the sound of banging and crashing as 'stuff' was tossed from shelves in the kitchens onto the floors.  

As we were readying to disembark towards the end of the journey, I heard one crew member saying something about "I don't think we've lost anything overboard".  I hoped she was sharing a joke with the truckies.  There were other utterances about 3m metre swells too.........

The trip had taken rather longer than usual and we arrived in Picton somewhere around 1.30am.  I headed to a spot I'd 'found' just a handful of kms down the road and parked up...........but by this time I was w-i-d-e awake.  The sky was crystal clear, virtually no light pollution made it ideal milky way photo time.  This one was taken looking pretty much straight up - I had absolutely no idea what the lay of the land was like so composing a scene was impossible.  

It was great to arrive home later in the afternoon ( not surprisingly, I slept late) and LB was there to greet me.  I love going away on these excursions but it's always a very special feeling to arrive home again.  I am feeling a wee bit shattered though now that I'm here..........

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