Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Mourão, perfect thirds in the extra

The main blip shows the town as depicted in a big roll up that we saw in the town library. It's in the middle of being revamped and renovated, and we popped in to deliver something to our hosts' friend who works there. The area we're staying in is just outside the town, between the castle and the man-made lake. It's the thumbnail.

We have had a moochy sort of day, a pool day really - and very welcome. Lots of conversation after a slow awakening. We wandered by the lake (see extra) and had a glass of limoncello and fizz by the water. The refreshing drink was taken as we were serenaded by the flocks of swifts nesting under the convenient ledge of the bridge. Not a lot of insects to bother us as the birds were gobbling them up.

We are all (well, 3 out of the 4) blipping before dinner since it gets so very late otherwise, and harder to focus. We're off to the coast tomorrow and back home to Sweden the next day. This week has really raced by, but since we have blip to remind us we can see what a lot we have done in the few days on offer! At the party last night so many of the ex-pats were waxing lyrical about this area and encouraging us to move here. Nice that they are so delighted with the place, we are too but it gets pretty hot in summer... and I am a proper snow-baby. But a visit is always lovely, a longer one would be even lovelier - one day we'll manage it!

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