By loisbiz

Cute Little 7 Spot Ladybug

Here is a little 7 spot Ladybug.....he was on my Azalea bush. 

We had an early morning today.....usually Ellie sleeps in, but today she was up at 7:22AM. I thought she would be sleepy this morning but she was a happy camper and took her nap at the regular time.

Big surprise.....Ellie's Mommy called shortly after Ellie got up from her nap and said my Granddaughter she was at her Dad's house and she wanted Ellie to come "home" so I took her there. I hope Mom actually takes care of Ellie so her Dad can work. His office is at home so he needs Mom to actually take complete charge of Ellie during the day; I sure hope she is able to do it. I wonder what the future will hold. I am ready to have Ellie less.....but I want Ellie to be safe and well cared for. Stay tuned.....I will let you know. 

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